Year in Review 2023

This year, we have explored various topics for our blog posts. I talked about Totem Acoustic’s high-quality speakers and their emotional impact on music. I discussed the benefits of smart homes, including cost savings and enhanced convenience. In another post, I highlighted the importance of home theatre furniture for organizing electronics and preventing overheating. I explained the advantages of professional central vacuum installations, particularly during construction, for efficiency and value. Additionally, I covered the right placement and types of security cameras for optimal home security. Finally, I offered advice on selecting the right vacuum, emphasizing regular maintenance and the benefits of bagged models.  

Enjoy our recap and feel free to follow the links to read the entire article!  

Benefits of Smart Homes

In our blog post, we explore the numerous benefits of upgrading to a smart home, focusing on the significant cost savings, enhanced convenience and efficiency, and improved accessibility for individuals with physical challenges. We detail our services, which include personalized smart home solutions, seamless integration of diverse devices for centralized control, and effective energy management to minimize environmental impact and utility costs. Additionally, we highlight advanced security upgrades, offering both sophisticated features and dedicated support. Our expert, Paul, specializes in customizing smart home systems, ensuring they cater precisely to your needs and enhance the comfort of your home.

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Home Theatre Furniture

In my blog post, I discuss how living rooms have evolved into sophisticated entertainment hubs with technologies like 4K TVs. I emphasize the importance of home theatre furniture for organizing and maintaining these electronics, highlighting the risks of overheating and its consequences. I provide advice on effective storage solutions, such as using ventilated furniture, avoiding stacking, regular cleaning, additional cooling systems, and organized cabling. This approach ensures the longevity and performance of your electronics, offering suitable solutions for different entertainment setups.

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Central Vacuum Installations

Central Vacuum Installation

In this blog post, I explain the benefits of hiring a professional for Central Vacuum Installations, particularly during a building’s construction phase. A professional ensures easier integration, customized planning, and cost efficiency. It results in less mess and optimal system performance. Moreover, professional installations come with warranties, enhance property resale value, and adhere to safety standards. Timely installation and potential integration with other home systems are additional advantages. Overall, it’s a long-term investment in efficiency and value. For contractors interested in collaborating with Paul from Vacuum Works Plus, feel free to contact us.

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Story of TOTEM Acoustics

Totem Acoustic

This was fun looking into and learning more about Totem Acoustic, a Canadian company founded in 1987 renowned for its high-quality loudspeakers that evoke an emotional connection with music. Their speakers are noted for a warm, detailed sound, a wide soundstage, and deep bass from compact enclosures. Totem emphasizes unique design, quality materials, and craftsmanship. They incorporate innovative technologies like their proprietary “Torrent” drivers. Their range includes various models suited for both residential and professional use. They are committed to environmental sustainability and have a strong global presence and recognition in the audiophile community. Audio Video Plus, a division of Vacuum Works Plus, partners with Totem Acoustic, offering expert advice and smart home integration services in Tsawwassen and surrounding areas.

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Security Camera Placement

In the article about choosing the right security camera, I emphasize the importance of selecting appropriate types and placements for cameras to ensure optimal home security. I suggest consulting with professionals like me (Paul Jones) for expert guidance and proper installation. I also highlight the significance of strategically placing cameras at ground-level entry points, indoor common areas, driveways, and upper floors for thorough surveillance, while avoiding areas where privacy is a concern. The article concludes with the importance of professional installation and proactive security measures.

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Before Buying a Vacuum

Buying a Vacuum

At Vacuum Works Plus in Delta, we offer expert advice on vacuum selection and maintenance, drawing from our extensive experience with various makes and models. We recommend vacuums with versatile accessories for different tasks and advise on the right horsepower for efficient cleaning. Regular servicing is crucial for optimal vacuum performance. Our preference for bagged vacuums over bagless models is based on their superior dust management and cost-effectiveness. We guide customers to select vacuums that suit their specific needs, ensuring long-lasting, effective cleaning solutions. Visit our showroom in Tsawwassen for personalized assistance.

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Audio Video Plus – Coming home to life simplified

Totem Speakers Canadian Retailer

Since acquiring Vacuum Works in Ladner and transitioning to Vacuum Works PLUS in Tsawwassen Commons, we’ve expanded our offerings to include Audio Visual and Janitorial sections alongside our high-end vacuum displays. Leveraging Paul’s extensive experience in surround sound, smart home installations, and more, we now provide a curated selection of AV equipment and accessories, with custom installation services available for various settings. We specialize in tailor-made audio, video, and lighting installations, collaborating with designers and architects to meet specific client needs. Visit us to explore our solutions and consult with Paul.

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