Where To Place Security Cameras

Choosing The Right Security Camera
Choosing the Right Security Camera

Picking the right security cameras is important. There are different types of cameras that work for different ways of setting them up. So, it’s a good idea to think and learn about them before making a purchase. Getting advice from a professional is also a good idea. Paul at Vacuum Works Plus helps choose the right system and make sure it’s installed properly. We care about your security will help choose the best cameras.

On a side note regarding Block Watch in Delta

“Block Watch is a free community-based residential crime prevention program supported by the community and the involvement of the Block Watch Society of BC and the Delta Police.“ Delta Police Website


Where to Place Security Cameras?

Ground floor doors and windows are the easiest way for burglars to enter homes. It is essential to have cameras in all ground-level inside and outside doors and windows. Also, any centralized area that leads to most parts of the house, like the first-floor hallway or stairway leading upstairs, should have surveillance cameras. The kitchen and living areas, which use frequently, should also have secure surveillance. A driveway is another common entry point, so it is important to monitor it with an outdoor camera.

Indoor or Outdoor Camera?

It is not advisable to use indoor cameras to monitor outdoor activities because indoor cameras with PIR-sensitive motion detection do not work through glass. For outdoor monitoring, it is better to use outdoor cameras. Outdoor spaces are good hiding places for thieves, especially if the landscaping is over-grown. Any valuable items kept upstairs should have security cameras, such as the main hallway on the second floor.

Lastly, garages and detached buildings should have cameras to protect car and other expensive equipment or tools.

Where NOT to Place Security Camera’s

When it comes to ensuring the safety and security of your home, nothing quite compares to the peace of mind provided by surveillance cameras. They can be an incredibly useful tool in keeping your home and family protected from intruders.

Although security cameras are helpful for monitoring your home, there are also places that you should not survey due to legal and privacy concerns. For example, surveilling your neighbor’s property may be illegal. It is important to ensure that your security cameras are only focused on your property, and not your neighbors’. Additionally, it’s best to avoid installing cameras in bedrooms to maintain privacy, unless it is for monitoring a person with a disability. The same goes for bathrooms, as burglars are typically not interested in these areas. Therefore, leaving bathrooms unmonitored poses little to no security risk.

Hiring a Professional Security Camera Installer.

We conclude the article on the placement of security cameras with an emphasis on the significance of hiring a professional for selecting the appropriate system and installation in your home. Along with professional assistance, proactive measures such as storing your valuables securely, trimming overgrown hedges, and regularly cleaning outdoor cameras to prevent obstruction can significantly enhance the security of your home. It’s important to note that home security is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and requires continued effort and attention, even after installing a security camera system. Our team of experts is always available to provide professional guidance and support, so you can have peace of mind knowing your home is protected.

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