What you need to know before buying a vacuum!

Buying a Vacuum

Trust our Expertise

At Vacuum Works Plus in Delta has decades of experience in repairing and maintaining vacuums. Trust us to provide you with reliable vacuums that will last for years.

We have worked on just about every make and model of vacuums and central vacuums on the market. We sell only the highest quality vacuums and central vacuums. We know our vacuums and have some advice for buying a vacuum for you.

Vacuum Accessories

Most vacuums work best on medium to low carpets, so purchasing the right type of vacuum is important. Vacuums that can be fitted with different kinds of tools are the most versatile. Our line of vacuums has well-fitted accessories for unusual jobs such as vacuuming out the couch, curtains or area rugs with ease. Do you need a powerhead for the job or the non-powerhead?


You do not need a vacuum with more horsepower than a Tsawwassen muscle car to get your carpets and floors clean. Most of the cleaning is accomplished by the brush roller, which agitates carpet debris loose, and then the suction, aka, airflow of the vacuum moves the debris to the collection chamber. Carpet requires a combination of brushing and agitation with airflow appropriate for the pile of your carpet. Speaking with us helps make decisions much easier.

Maintaining Central Vacuums

All vacuum cleaners should be serviced once a year to keep them functioning at their best. A poorly maintained vacuum may not only clean less effectively, but it could also be kicking out airborne particles into the air through leaky seals, gaskets, and filters.

What many people don’t realize is that the belt on inexpensive vacuums stretches with use and over time. As this happens, brush roller agitation is hindered, and the vacuum no longer deep cleans. Dirt gets trapped in the filters, motors, foam mutes, all the moving parts, seals, and gaskets. The result is that the flow of air is disrupted, and clouds of particles are blown into the air whenever you vacuum. A well-maintained vacuum with a fresh brush roll, a new belt, and new filters will usually operate like it was new.

Cost Effective, Environmentally Friendly

Our experience is that vacuums, even central vacuum systems, that do not use disposable bags lose dust management capabilities faster than vacuums that use disposable bags. Bagless vacuums are less sanitary and require more frequent disposal of collected dirt and need more frequent filter replacement and maintenance. The money you think is being saved not buying vacuum bags is spent on maintenance, more frequency in changing filters and so forth.

In summary, buying a vacuum that best suits your cleaning needs will result in a cleaner carpet that lasts longer. The vacuums we sell are top of the line, last for years and under incredible warranties, have replaceable parts, and best of all… kick dirt to the curb. Give us a call or come to our showroom in Tsawwassen, and we will enthusiastically help you choose the right vacuum for your environment.