Central Vacuum Systems

Have you dreamed of a vacuum that is light and easy to get around? For a quiet but powerful way to leave your home fresh and free of dust? Sounds like you need a Central Vacuum System in your life.

At Vacuum Works Plus we carry top of the line central vacuums systems and accessories.


So you can’t decide between our models and need some advice? Not sure if a Central Vacuum System or portable vacuum will do the trick? Drop by the store or give us a call. Its alright not to know, that’s what we are here for!

Central Vacuum System

Cyclo Vac

Nothing escapes the power of CycloVac!

As your local CylocVac Retailer we offer a complete range of models to clean your condo, apartment, house or business.

Our installation expert will help you choose the right system to make life easier and reduce the time you spend on cleaning, while improving the air quality by eliminating dust and allergens from your home. Enjoy 10 year warrantee’s that come with the purchase of a unit or a small fee to upgrade to a 25 year warrantee depending on the unit.


The Cana-Vac series is just what a condo or mid-sized home needs to take care of those weekly cleanups. With the reliable performance of its Flow-Thru motor, it’s backed by a Rest-Easy Warranty of 7 to 10 years and features a micro-efficiency filtration system.

Cana-Vac series offers micro efficient filtrations for dust and standard pollutants. and the Cana-Vac Signature series offers high-efficiency Hepa Filtration that captures up to 99.97% of allergens @ .3 microns..


Efficiency without compromise

Hayden Super Vac units are efficient, durable and affordable. Designed with the best components, the Super Vac Hayden unit is solid and resistant, in addition to offering a 10-year warranty for peace of mind for many years to come!

Cana-Vac series offers micro efficient filtrations for dust and standard pollutants. and the Cana-Vac Signature series offers high-efficiency Hepa Filtration that captures up to 99.97% of allergens @ .3 microns..


More info coming to you soon! In the meantime feel free to call or drop by for more information.

At this time we only sell accessories, vacuum bags and filters online.

Central Vacuum Accessories

Central Vacuum Accessories

flipBUS Pipe Cleaner

For a higher-performing central vacuum system consider the flipBUS Central Vacuum Pipe Cleaner; it is your solution to increased efficiency. It is a small device with small spiked balls designed to remove the left behind residue in the piping network of central vacuum systems. Leaving the piping system cleaner and smoother. The short little video shows how it works.

Vacuum Bags and Filters

Our high-efficiency bags and filters have either received antimicrobial treatment preventing mold growth or are HEPA to retain particles that can cause allergies. Regular maintenance of the filtration system is recommended to ensure maximum performance of your central vacuum


At Vacuum Works Plus we carry a range of high quality accessories for central vacuum systems. To know if what we carry and to see if we meet your  needs for accessories like; Hoses and Wands - Attachment Kits - Brush Kits - Powerheads - Inlets, drop by the store or give us a call! 

Why purchase a Central Vacuum System from Vacuum Works Plus?

Ease of Use

Say goodbye to hauling portable vacuums all around the house and to moving furniture to reach those hard to reach places. Our selection of name brand Central Vacuum systems come with an assortment of easy to switch accessories for sucking that dirt up off the furniture, ceiling, blinds and pretty much anyplace dust likes to live!

Central Vacuums are Quiet

All you will hear is the swoosh of air going up the hose or the head itself. No more scaring the pets! Because the canister is away from the living space the sound of the motor is confined to the garage or laundry room.

A Cleaner, Healthier Home

It is a proven fact that a central vacuum system reduces particulates in the air, removes pet dander and leaves you with a fresh clean home. Unlike a portable vacuum where the exhaust follows you around and escapes back into the air, the central vacuum draws the dirt out of your living space into the canister. If you are an allergy sufferer you will find a noticeable decline with your allergies.

They Have Powerful Motors and Suction

Central Vacuum Systems are much more cooling and maintain consistent strong suction power known to be three times stronger than a portable vacuum. This means it removes the particles and dirt that age a carpet giving it a deep clean with every use. The motor stays cooler which makes the system last longer than a portable vacuum.

Choosing the right attachment to make household cleaning easier

A complete system includes some really practical accessories : automatic dustpan, retractable hose system, design vacuum inlets, everything you need to optimize the performance of your CVS makes it last longer than a portable vacuum.