Spring Cleaning Tips 2022

Spring Cleaning tips

Finally, the worst of COVID has passed and its time to open our doors and start inviting friends and family over to hang out, share meals and just enjoy life again. But after 2 years of semi-reclusive living and/or working from home, a good house cleaning may be in order before the invites go out.

Spring cleaning is an annual event. Remember when parents would tear apart the house every spring, the frenzied cleaning outdoor spaces?  They didn’t have the environmentally friendly products available today to make the job that much easier.

Like most of us the big question is: what to tackle first? We recommend making a list of what needs attention and make sure to be stocked up on those cleaning supplies. Here are some spots we don’t think about tackling too often or forget about!


Does your place collect dust like nobody’s business? Then it’s time to swap out the furnace filters for clean ones. But before you put the new filter in, bring out the vacuum.

After a winter of running the furnace, the air vents in our homes can become clogged with dust and other particulates which leave us stuffed up and sneezing.  Using your vacuum cleaner is a good way to get a lot of that dust and debris out of your vents without having to call a specialized service, although we do recommend the pros every five years for deep vent cleaning.  Adding a brush attachment grabs on to dust that might have moved into the cracks and crevices.

Try using an air freshener inside your vacuum to leave behind a fresh scent afterwards. SEBO Fresh , which has a light citrusy scent. Or you can try the Fresh Wave Deodorizer Beads in your vacuum. It’s made from all natural ingredients leaving your vacuum and home smelling naturally fresh!

We recommend microfibre cloths as they grab and hold the dust instead of dispersing it into the air.  They are also wonderful to use with a light misting of polish for wooden surfaces. Save the environment by using washable and reusable cloths and keep the paper out of our landfills.


Spring is an ideal time to clean out the closet.  Clothes that you haven’t worn for a long time. It’s a great opportunity to donate them to local charities that work to support those in need.

Once you’ve lightened your bedroom closet, take the time to wipe down shelving, scuff marks on walls from shoes, wooden hangers and so on.  Not all closets have doors so clean the sliding mirror doors and the tracks to keep them gliding smoothly.

We all have that storage closet full of forgotten “stuff”! Go through and if you don’t remember having it… Have a garage sale or post it in a local Facebook community “Give-it-Away” page. Someone will have a use for it!

If you find yourself low on stock consider the line of fresh smelling, disinfecting environmentally friendly line of cleaning solutions.

BONA Professional Series Mop and Bona Professional Series cleaning solutions.

Sprayway the “World’s Best” glass cleaner. That’s what they call it and our customers feel the same!


Spring, the delicious and healthy time for fresh fruits and vegetables. Whether growing them yourself or quick trips to the farmer’s market – they just taste better.

Before deep cleaning the fridge inside and out, make it easy on yourself and pull out the food, shelving, and drawers out of the fridge. If you have a dishwasher, you can wash smaller items if they fit. The produce drawers can be washed separately in warm, soapy water.

For the inside and outside of the now empty fridge you can use your favourite cleaner or try Vacuum Works Plus’s Natural Science, One Solution.  It’s an organic natural heavy-duty cleaner made from plant-based ingredients. From countertops to appliances, One Solution really is the ONE solution you need for a spotless kitchen.


Even with a garbage bag or a liner, somehow-someway food always finds a way out and to the bottom of the bin where bacteria and odours become unsanitary, and where those pesky rodents and insects love to live.  For regular cleaning, wipe down the bin or take it outside for a deeper cleaning. Our janitorial section has several options for an excellent clean.

Garbage bins come in all shapes, sizes and materials and are found in almost every room of our homes. Often, in kitchens, these are plastic or metal bins.  These should be cleaned and sanitized both inside and out.

Oxy San Cleaner and Sanitizer

Derived from natural citrus oil, hydrogen peroxide and biodegradable surfactants, Oxy San is an excellent multi-purpose cleaner. The power of the citrus and surfactants act as excellent degreasers, and the Hydrogen Peroxide safely removes stains.

Bins in bedrooms and home offices also need to be clean. They, too, come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, including wicker.  The best cleaning and sanitizing method will depend on the type of material.

Bathrooms, by their very nature, can be hosts for bacteria.  The bathroom waste bin is an ideal environment for bacteria to roost and spread.  Sanitizing on a regular basis is always recommended to keep you and your family safe from unhealthy bacteria and germs.

Saniblend Lemon Cleaner & Disinfectant

One stop cleaning solution for the surfaces in your bathroom, including waste baskets.


Getting those windows clean to allow the summer sun to come shining through can be tricky unless you use the proper cleaning products. You know, those streaks, or liquid sprays that run down and dry before we get to them? We sell literally the most amazing glass cleaner you can imagine. Be it at home, the cabin or trailer Sprayway Glass Cleaner is perfect, both inside and out.

Wash windows before the sun shines on them, this is probably the best tip we can give!

Karen and Paul of Vacuum Works Plus, located at the Tsawwassen Commons Mall, would love to welcome you into their store and discuss the best cleaning solutions for your home, yard or janitorial supplies for your business.