Dust Bunnies got your Central Vacuum in a Twist? Better Call Paul!

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Central Vacuum Systems Repairs

Vacuum Works Plus offers mobile repair services for central vacuums installed in your home, office or business. We travel to you where we evaluate the nature of the repair. If any part needs replacing we either have it on hand or for more complex repairs can order the part and schedule a return visit to finish the job.


Do you repair central vacuum systems not installed by Vacuum Works Plus?

Of course, we are experts when it comes to central vacuum repairs.

What brands do you repair?

While we may not sell all brands, we happily do repairs on all brands

How long do repairs take?

While we have a selection of parts on hand on occasion we will have to order in a part which does makes the repair take a longer.

What if my vacuum can't be fixed?

We do everything we can to fix your system, rarely a system may be too old to repair but when there is no other option we offer several solutions to replace the existing central vacuum system.

I own a commercial building with central vacuum systems. Do you do big jobs?

Of course. Give us a call to discuss your needs, and we can come up with a plan and estimate.