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Where to put the TV?
A question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point in time but before we get into that let’s investigate the reality of TV installation. Flat screen TVs are an investment ranging in all sizes and prices, from high-tech to low- tech and what seems like an endless list of manufacturers.  Nowadays, it’s easy purchase that dreamed of HDTV. You know, the one that hubby can have friends over to watch the big game, or the one that makes those movies just that more realistic, or have the kids so absorbed in the latest Disney flick that they forget to be mischievous.
So now that you have purchased that expensive HDTV the question is, where do I put it?
Let’s investigate. It literally takes a piece of furniture to hold it but when you are fortunate to live in a big house with room to spare for furniture its not a problem. Where it becomes a problem is when you want to wall mount the TV and like many of us, living in an apartment or a smaller home where space is at a premium. We certainly don’t want to put flat TV on a 4-foot-deep stand. So now you think you will do it yourself and rush out to buy a wall mounting kit and proceed.  You discover it’s not the right size so it’s back to the store.  Possibly you missed the stud, now more holes go into the wall or worse you don’t notice, and it falls off the wall.  Finally, you’ve finished, and the wall mounting is up and now the cable from the modem won’t reach AND there’s no place for the DVD player, etc., etc., etc.  What seems like a simple task becomes much more complicated. What to do? No worries, just #CALLPAUL of Vacuum Works Plus!
Now that you realize it must be mounted by a professional you wonder, “How much to install it?”, or “Why so much?”.
This is the question that professionals get all the time.  Is it a valid question? Absolutely!  Is the answer also valid? Of course! Here is the reason why. As with anything, expertise comes at a cost.  Just remember the last time you had to hire an electrician or a plumber or a handyman to fix the last DIY project. The following is taken into consideration by Paul, our Installation professional before starting the project.
A trained television installer helps find the best place to put your TV and the right approach to mount it. We take into consideration the following.
  1. Locations of power outlets and wall studs, so the weight of your TV is supported properly.
  2. Determine the correct height at which to mount the television for an ideal viewing experience.
  3. Use the correct tools to mount a television so you don’t have to go buy them. These include stud finders, power drill and bits, a level, screwdrivers and a tape measure, wall mounting kit, extra hardware, and bolts.
  4. Best way to conceal all the cables to keep your home looking neat.
  5. How to avoid damage to the TV and the walls of the home.
  6. Get the job done right the first time, saving time and money to the homeowner.
  7. If mounting the TV on brick that’s an entirely different set of tools. In addition to the above, a pro will have the following, hammer drill, carbide-tipped masonry bits, concrete sleeve anchor or concrete screws.
As an added perk Paul helps configure your TV, shows you tips and tricks on your remote and cleans up after himself!
At Vacuum Works Plus, Tsawwassen, Paul Jones is a pro when it comes to wall mounting TV’s.
We install and supply TV’s and Mounting brackets. Paul has 20 years experience in the audio-visual industry. He can advise you on which type of wall mount is best suited…i.e., a static or moveable.  Honesty, integrity, and a desire to do the best possible for the client are his guiding principles. So, if you have scored that dreamed of TV don’t have the time or energy for another DYI project “Better Call Paul”.