Proper Floor Care

Proper Floor Care

Flooring sends an immediate first impression. It is also a monetary investment, especially for businesses. We need to use the proper tools and cleaners to safeguard that investment. In the following article we will be talking about The Office or Commercial space, and what works best for maintaining a healthy living and workspace.


Offices and commercial spaces are not only a place for doing business but where employees spend up to 40 hours a week. They often play host to customers and prospective customers. Floors can tell a great deal about a company by the attention paid to their surroundings; from the first impressions in the lobby to the happiness of employees in the workspace. Clean and well maintained floors is just one example that reflects a company’s care and attention not only in creating a welcoming place to work but to welcome their customers into.

While most companies hire janitorial services, they can still signal the level and quality of floor care they expect. They can also stipulate what kind of cleaning supplies are used. Not all businesses hire those services and do their own cleaning in house.

At Vacuum Works Plus, there is a range of environmentally friendly products that can keep your floors clean, sanitized and smelling good.


There are many reasons to care for and maintain floors. In this blog, we’ll look at the most important ones.


– a lot of money is invested in flooring in our offices and commercial spaces. By taking the time and using the right products to keep floors clean and healthy, their lifespan is increased. With the wear and tear inflicted on floors on a daily basis, keeping the floors looking great is a wise company decision.


– keeping the floors clean and sanitary is paramount. Dirt, dust and other debris can so easily get into the cracks and crevices in floors and carpets. Keeping them clean and sanitized reduces the potential for illness, rashes and other unwanted guests and allergens. This is especially important when staff may suffer from allergies and other medical indispositions.


– how many times has someone slipped on a sticky spot on the floor. How many times has someone fallen? By keeping floors clean and sanitized, the potential for nasty falls is reduced by removing spills and grit and grime. Also, it increases traction on the floors – especially important on surfaces such as tile and wood and concrete.


– Image IS everything! Business owners want their offices and commercial spaces to reflect exactly that – the great first impression – that WOW factor. Ensuring that floors are well maintained through thoughtful cleaning and sanitizing, the first big step is taken in creating that environment.


 – concern and care for our environment is a huge deal. Using environmentally friendly cleaning products helps our environment by reducing or eliminating harsh chemicals and by keeping our floors longer reduces the amount of “waste” heading to our landfills. Concern for the environment has become a cultural value that employees look for in companies. It also signals that the company is a concerned community partner.

At Vacuum Works Plus, here in Tsawwassen, they sell an array of floor care products for every type of office and commercial businesses. Paul and Karen Jones are more than happy to assist you with your floor cleaning needs. Phone, email or even drop by. There’s plenty of parking!

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