How to Buy a Good Vacuum

Buying Good Vacuums
pictured above is a generic bagless vacuum

As is with any new purchase, investing more money initially or buying an inexpensive vacuum is a common dilemma for a lot of people. We understand everyone has a budget or buys in a hurry without really researching your options.  So we are here to break it down for you! 


Throw Away Culture

In this scenario, your vacuum has broken down with little to no warranty and designed not to be fixed.  Marketers want consumers to purchase the newest shiniest vacuum on the market every few years.  This is good for their business, not your pocketbook. There is no opportunity to be fixed or refurbished, just taken to the recycling depot where most ends up in the landfill.  This is what we refer to a “Throw Away Culture”.   


When researching what type of vacuum to invest in, look at a few points. 
  • Does a warranty come with the purchase or do you have to purchase one to extend one year into two?
  • Is the warranty included with the purchase and lasts 5 to 10 years? 
  • Is the vacuum bagless? Cheaper ones usually are, shortening the life of the vacuum.
  • Does the big box store you’re considering buying from have the expertise to repair a vacuum in warranty or must you send it away, taking weeks? 
What does it mean to spend extra on a vacuum now over the cheaper options? 
  • Include a 5 to 10-year manufacturer warranty on top of the line vacuums or a 10 to 25-year warranty on Cyclo Vac Central Vacuum System.
  • Better suction power.
  • Hospital-grade Hepa Filters.
  • Retractible cords.
  • Variable Suction to allow for multiple surface types and carpet levels. 


To continue to learn about purchasing quality vacuums we welcome you to drop by to see Paul or Karen at Vacuum Works Plus here in Delta. We are happy to help you find the right vacuum for your space and needs. We are proud that we are the solution to “Throw Away Culture”. You can see it here by watching this video of Paul explaining how Vacuum Works Plus is environmentally friendly.

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