Holiday Cleaning

Holiday Cleaning Tips

It would feel natural to reach for the vacuum to help with the clean up during the holidays, but we urge you not to on the following.

1. Pine Needles

Both artificial and real, pine needles should never be vacuumed up. Short pine needles get stuck in the hoses, bags, air passageways, and filters.

Pine needles cleaning tips
2. Fireplace Ashes
It can be a fire hazard when mixed with dust and debris in the vacuum bag these warm ashes are the perfect storm for re-igniting inside your vacuum. Aside from that, ash particles are much finer than dust particles and can wreak havoc inside your motors and filters.
Fireplace cleaning tips
3. Christmas Present Debris Tinsel
While it seems faster to vacuum up little bits of gift paper, ribbon, even tinsel its very bad for your vacuum. Gift paper can clog up and reduce suction power which causes the motor to overheat. Ribbon and Tinsel get wrapped around the spinning brush which will lower the chances to beat those carpet fibres to release debris from the carpet.
Christmas cleaning tips
4. Broken Ornaments on Carpet
While it may be tempting to use your vacuum to clean up broken glass we advise against it. The razor-sharp glass shards can break through your vacuum bag, scratch up the inside of the vacuum. We suggest using tape to pick up as much of the glass as possible, then when you can’t see anymore you can use your vacuum to vacuum up the finest of particles.
Christmas cleaning tips

If you have found yourself falling into temptation and doing any or all of the above better bring in the Vacuum into the store for a tune up or have Paul come out to service your central vacuum system. 

Happy Holidays! 

Paul and Karen Jones!