Buying a Central Vacuum System?

Central Vacuum Systems

Vacuuming – the great chore! Yet, we all must do it. Whether our floors are carpeted, hardwood or some other material – dust just doesn’t care.

We’ve all had the experience of pulling a vacuum behind us – tripping over the cord, trying to get that unwieldly vacuum head under a bed or up against baseboards… you know the story.

Enter the world of the central vacuum – all you need to contend with is a hose that stores away when you’re done.  Central Vacs, as they’re commonly called, come in all sizes to accommodate today’s living.  They’re made for homes, apartments, condos, RVs and yes, even boats.  If your existing residence doesn’t currently have a central vac – it’s easily retrofitted to accommodate one.  The benefits are well worth it.

What are some benefits of a central vac system? Well… here are 3:

1) They take up less space and in smaller residences where space is at a premium it’s the perfect solution to a clean home. Instead, you will either have a previously built-in retractable system or a hose which is easily stored out of site.  You need to change a built-in bag once or twice a year; bagless built in empty 3-4 times a year.

2) Central vacs are just better cleaners.  They have a greater suction capacity that ensures you are removing all that nasty dust and dirt. Especially good if you are the proud parent(s) of a fur-baby or two It also is great for anyone who suffers from allergies. Those allergens are trapped and gone.

Motors are bigger and water lift is higher in any good working Built In. They exchange the air in the room and exhaust it back into the garage (or wherever the built in is installed).  It is cleaning the air you are vacuuming because it is not blowing it back into the room like a canister/upright vacuum.

3) It is a monetary value-added to your residence. Studies have shown that a central vac system can add between 2-3 thousand dollars to the retail value of your home. Not a bad return on something that has made life so much easier and cleaner.

Should you Purchase Bagged or Bagless

Central vacs come in both varieties.  There are pros and cons to both systems.

  • For bagless vacuums you don’t have to change bags and can empty the canister directly into the wastebin. You will have to clean the bin so be sure to wear a mask to not breathe in those nasty particulates.
  • For bagged system some prefer just being able to remove the bag – The simplest and healthiest alternative is to dispose of it into the waste bin and drop in a new bag.
But what do the experts say?

Well, Paul owner of Vacuum Works Plus, as the expert prefers the bagged system. Why? Because overall it is just a better, more simplified method.  Instead of wrangling the bagless canister into the wastebin and potentially releasing all that allergen filled dust back into the house or air, the bagged system keeps it all contained.

From a maintenance perspective – bagged wins. According to the website “Home Décor Bliss (” another benefit to the bagless system is “Keeping longevity and usability in mind, the absence of a bag within a central vacuum can cause a loss of suction and clogging if not changed more often. This can also lead to the motor failing after allowing all the small dust particles to enter inside. While carefully washing the canister can often help prevent these things from happening, it is not needed with the bagged option. With some bagless options, you even need to clean the filter each time you dump the canister.” For me, I’d rather just toss a bag!

Which System is Right For You?

As stated above, central vacs come in all sizes.  Choosing the right one depends on several factors.

Size of residence, floor material, occupants, etc.  At Vacuum Works Plus, we have a central vac system to fit your exact needs. Paul will help you choose which system is best for your living space and budget.

Central Vacuum Systems for Commercial and Home. We sell the following; 

  • CycloVac – All Models
  • Nilfisk Supreme CV10
  • Hayden SuperVac 70

But that isn’t the only criteria to be considered when thinking of purchasing a central vac system for your home.  As with any major purchase, it is always best to speak with an expert.  Paul Jones can guide you through the world of central vacuums and ensure that you purchase the system optimal for you and your family or business.

Contact Paul today or drop by to see our Central Vacuum Display.

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