Gift Registry Tips That'll Make Your Wedding Gifts So Much Better

Wedding Gifts play such a large part of your new journey in life together that there are some things to keep in mind when coming up with ideas for your gift registry. 

Starting your Wedding Gift Registry.

When you announce your big day and the invitations go out, it is the time to start thinking about your gift registry.  Go out, get excited and meander the shops looking for both unique and practical gifts that will bring joy to your new life together. Most importantly, you want to give guests enough time to shop for your present.

Don't put all of your "gift" eggs in one basket.  It is okay not to use a big box store for convenience sake. Save that for out of town guests. Offer links to local businesses you trust are excellent for the community and accessible for local guests to purchase your gift.

*Price point; you want to consider selecting gifts from low cost ($50) to higher-priced ($4-500). That way, all of your guests can choose gifts they can afford. You don't want friends feeling overwhelmed by the fact that they can't find a single gift with-in their budget, and you want family members to have the opportunity to go in on your dream gift together.

Think about how and where you are going to live and don't put items on the list that you will never use. Be practical.  Here are some gift ideas that are timeless and that we at Vacuum Works Plus have on stock and under warranty. 

Bona Professional Series Floor Cleaner
The Bona Pro Series hardwood floor mop is the ultimate hardwood floor mop that combines with a no residue, professional cleaner. This durable premium spray mop with a washable microfiber pad and is so quick and easy to use you will use it all the time.  Most importantly it leaves a non-toxic good as new finish.

Sebo Vacuum 
The SEBO Felix is equipped with a hospital-grade 3-step filtration system making it the perfect choice for people with allergies and asthma. This intuitive, easy to maneuver vacuum is easy to use and powerful. A vacuum worth every bit of the investment and with a 10-year warranty.

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