Keep your carpets and hard floors clean and healthy. Combining premium performance and outstanding value, there’s an Electrolux vacuum to suit every home. This world-class vacuum is consistently ranked one of North Americas best vacuums where you can buy an Electrolux vacuum right here in Delta, BC.

 At Vacuum Works Plus, we carry a variety of high-quality Electrolux vacuums and if you’re looking to buy a new or used high-quality vacuum, we can definitely help. 

Bagged Vacuums
Electrolux bagged vacuums are the best when it comes to dust and particle containment, and outstanding suction performance. Cords are longer which provides a greater reach around your whole house.  Because of larger capacity vacuum bags, they need replacing less often. Enjoy floor tools and accessories make every task easier.

Bagless Vacuums
Bagless vacuums feature hygienic Easy Empty™ system and superb filtration systems. The suction level for the floor surface is easily adjusted for an optimal clean. Compact and lightweight design means they handle well and easy to store away.

Stick and Handheld 
Ideal for quick tidy ups around the home, or vacuuming shelving, furniture and your car. 

Drop by and take a look at our models anytime, we look forward to seeing you soon!