At Vacuum Works, we’ve got a great selection of Husky Central Vacuums! Husky, in case you weren’t aware, has been designing and manufacturing vacuums in Canada for over 50 years! If you are looking for a high quality, locally made vacuum you may want to come by and try out a Husky!

There are many reasons to have Vacuum Works Plus install a Husky Central Vacuum System in your home but one that stand out shows how flexible, literally, these systems are. Not all portable vacuums work on all surfaces around the home. This is where central vacuums become powerful dust sucking machines!  Be it for carpets, hard surfaces or upholstered furniture, the range of attachments is practically unlimited and there is only to choose which works best for your specific needs.

Drop by our shop in Ladner to talk with us about installing one into your home.  That's right we install central vacuum systems into your home in South Delta, (Tsawwassen, Ladner).