1. Windowsills, where your cats go to reflect. One of the twelve places you may be forgetting to vacuum. Your windowsill! Use your crevice tool or rounded soft-bristled attachment to get rid of the nasties you can't imaging touching!

2. Heating Vents, its a surprise down there! When is the best time to clean your heating vents? Think of the once in the Spring then once in Fall. Basically, when you stop using the heater and start using it again. Combing the use of the small crevice tool and the soft brush attachments for the best results. Remember you don't want to be blowing dust throughout the house because if you think allergy season was terrible!

3. Dryer Filters, where missing socks go! Lint Filters is #3 on our list. Yes, the dreaded sock stealer, your Dryer! While having the main vent professionally cleaned is encouraged, the upkeep of your lint filter and inside its placeholder needs some attention too, but more frequently. It helps keeps the dryer from overheating and dries your clothes more efficiently.

4. Mattresses and Pillows. Sleep like a bear on a clean bed. Our Mattress and "Pillow" talk are #4 on our weekly spotlight on areas of the home we don't think about vacuuming. Sliding between clean sheets for a restful night is the best feeling in the world, but when you're sliding those sheets over a dirty mattress or pillow that feeling doesn't last for long! Vacuuming your mattress and pillows every few weeks leads to a night of clean and healthy night sleep. Do you vacuum your bed?

5. Air Conditioners, treat what keeps you cool with respect! The air conditioner has been on all summer, we are back to work, the kids are back at school, and our well-utilized air cons are ready for a little cleaning. Don't forget about them! This brings us to #5 on our list of areas in the home we may not think about or put off. While yours may not be clogged up like this one, using a combination of your vacuum attachment with the brush, the crevice tool and a cloth should do the trick. Also, don't forget about the filters and clean the water runoff if your unit has one of those.

6. Blinds, look at this cute little dust bunny? This cleaning tip is for areas we forget to clean we have this adorable organic little duster, unfortunately, quite destructive! Okay, let's leave the cuteness behind! Choose the small brush attachment of a vacuum, go over the blinds, working in the direction of the slats, working your way down from the top. If you haven't cleaned them for some time, you'll need to do a little than vacuum them. Using a damp cloth and a cleaner that works best for your blinds, follow the slats and be firm but gentle, this should remove the accumulation of dirt on your blinds.CleaningTipsDeltaBC

7. Pianos, making beautiful music. This next place we forget to vacuum is a really heavy one...The upright piano! The thought of moving the piano every time we vacuum is the reason why we don't. However, keeping that area dust-free is a great start to making beautiful music! Get some help moving it to clean behind and under it, then using a soft attachment, gently run it over the keys without pushing downwards. After doing this call in your local piano servicing company to come to clean out the insides professionally and tune it. Remember, Keep It Local, Keep it Tuned!

8. Pet Beds. Keep your fur babies' bed free of dander and fur. How often do you clean their beds? Anytime your vacuuming is a great time and to odour neutralize. We carry brand stain remover and pet urine & odour eliminator
*PowAir-odour neutralizer.

9. Bathroom Ceiling Fan, how often do we look up? Bathroom fans, the tool that pulls moisture and odours out of the bathroom. It works hard, but is it hardly working? It could mean that it's dirty. Cleaning your ceiling fan goes beyond a quick vacuum with your brush attachment between a good wash. Make it a habit of adding it to your spring cleaning list. You'll be surprised what's up there when you pull the exhaust vent off. Please don't use liquid to clean the inside of the fan, just give it a quick vacuum to remove the dust. If it's really bad, then call in the professionals to clean the inside, you can also have them do your dryer vents while they are at it.

10. Vehicles, keeping your carpets like new.  Remembering to vacuum carpets in our vehicles is easily forgotten or often pushed to the side for another day. The problem is little rocks, sand, or gravel wears carpets down to the metal every time we get in and out of the car. Consider using a handheld vacuum to keep your vehicle free of carpet wearing materials. Keep it in the trunk for easy access. For deeper cleaning use a canister vacuum, or pay to use gas station vacuums. When combining the two you keep those carpets lasting longer!

11. Brooms, can't clean dirt with dirt! But they do just push the dirt around and the dust sticks like a sun of a gun to the bristles. So you may try smacking it on the floor, using the dustpan to scrape the bristles and you know what that does, it makes a ball of dust that won't come off! The easiest thing to do is vacuum the bristles (dry) every so often. What's your brush cleaning tip?

12. Televisions, the electronic dust magnet. Another area we don't tend to clean all that often is our televisions. The electricity of televisions attracts what we call static dust! Which we don't usually see unless the sun catches it in a certain light. It just swirls and moves from one end of the screen to another. Follow what the company or brand says to use to clean the screens but there is also behind, in the vents, around the games and speakers. Use a brush attachment to lightly vacuum the back of the TV and then wipe with a barely wet cloth to get rid of leftover dust. Don't use a paper towel or the dust will be harder to remove. *never spray liquids directly onto the TV.