Replacing Full Vacuum Bags

Maintaining your vacuum can be as easy as replacing your vacuum bag regularly. Waiting for the vacuum bag to fill is not recommended because a well-running machine needs some breathing room. Literally, debris needs a place to go into the bag, and if there if it is already full, there won't be anywhere for the dirt to go causing the vacuum to not work as efficiently as it should meaning low suction and when the bag is full, it spills out into the air and on the floor, which defeats the purpose of vacuuming.

Correctly Inserting Your New Vacuum Bag

With so many brands, models and types of vacuum cleaners knowing the correct way to put your bag in is essential. This is particularly true for first-timers.

Buy the right bag for your vacuum.

Make sure that the bag opening is securely attached to the nozzle. For hooks, holders, or clips, you'll want to firmly lock those in place as well. These three steps are the most important because if the bag is not firmly in place, the debris that doesn't go into the vacuum bag itself will find its way into the inside of the vacuum. It will make all moving parts work efficiently, and the chance of burning out the motor is quite high. If you are buying a vacuum from a reputable vacuum store, they will show you how to insert your bags and offer any advice on the operation of your new or refurbished vacuum cleaner. Remember Vacuum Works Plus is only a call away and can help you out by getting you hooked up with the right bag for your vacuum.


Vacuum cleaner both new and some older ones have filters. These filters pick up particles that contaminate your indoor air quality. You may want to clean or periodically replace it. You can rinse off a plastic filter or shake fabric or paper filter, but we don't actually recommend that as you could damage them.

If you are worried about your filters, bring them in, and we can have a look to see how we can either professionally clean them or supply you with a new filter.


Have you ever accidentally sucked up your kid's sock and can't figure out why your vacuum has no suction or is overheating? A trapped object may be the culprit. To solve this mystery, there are a few ways to check.
1. Look into the hose from either end.
2. Take a flashlight and shine it along the outside of the hose; if you see a dark shadow, you have found the blockage!
3. If you have, you can't see anything because your hose is a solid colour, take an opened wire coat hanger and poke it down both sides of the hose.

Professional Maintenance

Vacuums are machines and as any other appliance proper care and maintenance keep your system working efficiently and extend the life of the vacuum cleaner. With so many working parts, a little cleaning and care go a long way.

Replacing a vacuum cleaner can be expensive, it is an investment in a clean home after all. To keep it, running can be relatively quick and painless when you follow the tips above. At Vacuum Works Plus we are here to service your vacuums with a personal guarantee from us that we do quality work, affordably and effectively.