1.  Sprayway Glass Cleaner

Doesn't it drive you crazy when cleaning your living room window or bathroom mirror and the cleaner runs down the surface to the floor or inside a windowsill? It sure does for most people. What's so good about Sprawaway is that it is formulated to clean and stick to all glass surfaces by dissolving dirt, greasy fingerprints or your furbabies nose prints. The heavy-duty foam clings to windows, windshields, picture frames and mirrors. No more streaks or film on glass surfaces. Best of all, this is an ammonia-free aerosol with a fresh, clean scent.

2 & 3.  Perwoll

Perwoll for Wool and Delicates
This liquid form detergent does not contain enzymes and is gentle on wool and silk. Why? Enzymes "eat away" at the proteins of wool and silk fabrics. For the longevity of those delicates, we recommend only using Perwoll for Wool and Delicates.

Perwoll for Black and Darks
Our classic blacks and dark coloured clothing needs some love and care too. This product does just that; it cares for clothes with every wash cycle. This formula smoothes frayed fibres which will reflect light and ensure deep black and enriched dark colours, without adding dyes. Perwolls improved formula has better protection against greying and more powerful stain removal strength.


4 & 5. Persil Laundry Detergents

Persil Laundry Detergent and Perwoll detergents are both environmentally conscientious detergents made in Germany and sold all over the world which says a "load" about their products. Clothes will last longer washed in Persil, keeping those rich and vibrant colours popping. Persil products need to be part of laundry day! 

Persil Universal Powder is formulated for a superior wash while being gentle on clothes and the environment. The Anti-Graying formula is fabulous for whites and to help brighten your clothes, even in cold water.  Active stain dissolver keeps clothes looking new longer. 

Persil Colour Powder formulated for long-lasting colour protection with acting stain dissolvers. Keep your colours vibrant with this environmentally friendly laundry detergent.

We proudly sell Persil Universal, Persil Colour, Perwoll Wool & Delicates, Perwoll Black & Darks and Sprayway Glass Cleaners at our store in Delta, BC.