Automotive Care Products

Automotive Care Products

We are so excited to bring in a line of automotive care products in our janitorial section of the store. Let’s talk about our line of automotive care products made by Concept Manufacturing right here in BC.  Another “supporting local” initiative from Vacuum Works Plus.

The folks of Ladner and Tsawwassen are a community of car lovers, be it sleek modern cars or the stunning classics and muscle cars of the past.  There are weekly car shows at Dairy Queen in Ladner and the A & W in Tsawwassen Commons directly in front of our store. If you haven’t gone you should, local events like car shows are a great way to meet people and dream of yourself behind the wheel.

These professional grade products formulated by Concept are the perfect solution for commercial and personal automotive applications. Cars, Trucks to Motorcycles or fleets, this product will not disappoint!

Auto Brite

Keep your car looking new with Auto Brite high-foam detergent.  Originally used in automatic car washes, it’s suitable for hand washing any car.  

Super Gloss

Silicon based tire shine makes your tires look new again. Safe to use on rubber and vinyl, Super A terrific finishing touch on tires, dashboards, consoles, door panels or vinyl surfaces for clean, “like-new” finish.

Showroom Shine

Showroom Shine is a waterless wash formula to use between regular trips to the carwash. Specially formulated to cut through road dust and restore that showroom shine. One step for an ideal car care product! 

Windshield Washer Fluid

Formulated for cost effectiveness and maximum efficiency this “no streak” windshield washer fluid was made with low temperature ingredients. “Concept uses only high-quality ingredients in all their products. If you want your car, truck or fleet of vehicles to last, use Concept car care products for better care and protection. Contact Paul or Karen at Vacuum Works Plus for more info on our line of Janitorial and Automotive Care Solutions.

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