Year in review 2023

Year in Review 2023 This year, we have explored various topics for our blog posts. I talked about Totem Acoustic’s high-quality speakers and their emotional impact on music. I discussed the benefits of smart homes, including cost savings and enhanced convenience. In another post, I highlighted the importance of home theatre furniture for organizing electronics […]

Totem Acoustic

Totem Acoustic

Story of Totem Acoustic Totem Acoustic is a Canadian company known for producing high-quality loudspeakers. Founded in 1987 by Vince Bruzzese, Totem’s philosophy has always been about creating speakers that evoke an emotional connection through music. They are recognized for their compact size, premium build quality, and exceptional sound performance.  Key Characteristics of Totem Acoustic […]

What Makes a Smart Home

What Makes a Smart Home When considering upgrading your home to a smart home, the benefits are threefold: it can lead to significant cost savings over time, simplifies your daily life by introducing convenience and efficiency, and notably, it enhances accessibility for individuals with physical challenges. Smart home solutions can be life-changing for those who […]

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Electronics Cool with Home Theatre Furniture

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Electronics Cool with Home Theatre Furniture With the technological advancements over the years, our living rooms have transformed from simple lounging areas to entertainment hubs. Today, a modern living space can house everything from 4K televisions to sophisticated surround sound systems. But, while the experience has become immensely immersive, […]

Central Vacuums Installations

Central Vacuum Installation

Central Vacuums Installations Why hire a professional when it comes to Central Vacuum Installations? Installing a central vacuum system during the construction phase of any dwelling or workspace, such as a condo, house, townhome, or office space, by a professional offers several advantages: Easier Integration: When a building is under construction, the walls are open, […]

Built-in vacuum servicing – South Delta

Central Vacuum Repair

Ensuring the Longevity of Your Central Vacuum with Vacuum Works Plus Various factors apply for built in vacuum servicing such as brand, usage, frequency, and maintenance all determine the lifespan of your central vacuum. For example, with the right care, a high-quality bagged central vacuum can last for up to 20 years. In contrast, households […]

Airstream Cordless Vacuum Do you know about the Airstream cordless vacuum? It’s really great because you can take it with you anywhere, even on a boat or to the cabin! It’s light and has powerful suction. It comes with two accessories that let you clean up big items like pet hair and tiny spaces. You don’t need […]

Where To Place Security Cameras

Choosing The Right Security Camera

Choosing the Right Security Camera Picking the right security cameras is important. There are different types of cameras that work for different ways of setting them up. So, it’s a good idea to think and learn about them before making a purchase. Getting advice from a professional is also a good idea. Paul at Vacuum […]

Movie Night at Home!

Movie Night with the Comfort of Home​

Movie Night with the Comfort of Home Audio Video Theatre Seating When building or upgrading your home theatre, it’s important to not overlook the importance of selecting the right seating. Not only can your choice of seating have a significant impact on the enjoyment of the overall audio and visual quality, but it can also […]

What you need to know before buying a vacuum!

Buying a Vacuum

Trust our Expertise At Vacuum Works Plus in Delta has decades of experience in repairing and maintaining vacuums. Trust us to provide you with reliable vacuums that will last for years. We have worked on just about every make and model of vacuums and central vacuums on the market. We sell only the highest quality […]