Imagine a dynamic and immersive home theatre experience set-up for your own personal space. We offer the right selection of audio-video equipment based on your every want and need. With well over 20 years professional experience in high end audio-video and smart home integrations, Paul Jones is an installations expert. Its time to get to know the “PLUS” side of our business.

We mean it when we say Not everything we sell sucks!

Speaker Systems

Custom Installations

If given the choice would you have an architectural sound system built seamlessly into your walls out of sight? Or are you the person who prefers to see your speakers as part of your décor?

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Top of the line Brands

Totem Acoustic

Each Totem speaker unit is assembled with the outmost precision, using meticulously selected components of the highest quality. Every speaker model features its own distinct scientifically selected internal wiring.

At Totem Acoustic, minute attention to every detail is our guiding principle. We believe a speaker should exhibit the liveliness and spaciousness of sound, with all the qualities that make live music truly soul moving. Dynamics, transients, decay, harmonics, timbre and rhythm must all be realistically portrayed.


Portable audio devices have changed the way we listen to music. Phones and tablets are now our primary source of music. But for audiophiles who are looking for the best possible sound quality without the inconvenience of wires, there are only small carry-on and compact portable speakers available. That's why we developed Escape® for you. A series of high-end wireless speakers with stunning performance.


Effortless music power for every room

Sound with punch! Stream millions of songs from your favorite services and directly control your music, volume, tracks and more with just your voice and Alexa built-in. Group other products with HEOS® Built-in.

AV Receivers + Home Theatre + Hi-Fi + Speakers + HEOS

JBL Harman

For 75 years, JBL has been at the heart of the music scene, alongside the world’s most iconic artists, amplifying music’s power to make you feel good, to make you feel connected, to make you feel alive. Since our founder, James B. Lansing helped motion pictures speak in 1928, audio excellence has been JBL’s holy grail, setting the tone for all that followed. JBL has been continuously advancing the science of high-fidelity sound reproduction in the decades since and today offers a selection of high-performance loudspeakers and electronics for music lovers around the world.


Yamaha is uniquely positioned to express every sound as the artist intended. Sound that delivers incredibly detailed and accurate timbre in each note. Sound experienced by the emotive contrast between stillness and motion. Sound that reproduces a sense of atmosphere as if you’re actually there. From music and movies to immersive gaming experiences, there's a reason behind every sound.


For many, Sunfire means subwoofers. Little, loud and luxurious subwoofers. After all, that’s where we built our reputation. But the same unconventional thinking that spirits our subwoofer design drives the thinking behind our amps and theater speakers. Sunfire delights discerning listeners at every opportunity with hi-powered performance.

Kef Speakers

KEF’s mission is to deliver sound with as little intervention as possible; from treble to bass, and everything in between. Listeners should be able to close their eyes and immerse themselves in the sound so deeply that they are transported, in their minds, to the source. We believe that the best sound is natural sound – and that access to it is a right, not a privilege.

Experience is everything, and that’s no overstatement. Combining our obsessions with acoustic authenticity and innovative engineering, we’d like to think that KEF products speak for themselves.

Polk Audio
Elan Logo

As retailers of high end audio-video equipment we have the ability to custom order any of these products for excellence in sound.

Innovative furniture designed for the way that we work, live and play.


Front Row Seating has been designing the ultimate home theatre seating systems for comfort, functionality and beautiful design. Each Front Row order is custom built to meet your exacting specifications and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Incorporating your choice of style, cover, and options, your personalized seating is delivered in eight to twelve weeks (four weeks for stools and tables). Come on in to speak with Paul, the expert in customized Home Theatres and seating.  He will work with you to come up with an immersive experience you’ll never get tired of!

Innovative furniture designed for the way that we work, live and play.


You can get up to a row of 6 great seats, each model being distinct from the others so one is sure to catch your eye. One awesome model is the Fortress Crosstown that has optional heat and massage functions, power reclining and adjustable headrest/lumbar functions, and awesome additional features. There are hundreds of colors and upholstery options so the seats are sure to match your decor and style.  Talk with Paul about what he can do for you when installing your home theatre, be it for one or more, Paul is your local contact for Fortress seating.

Innovative furniture designed for the way that we work, live and play.


BDI furniture is thoughtfully engineered with a host of user-friendly features designed to do just that. The features that we’ve made standard—easily adjustable shelves, fingerprint-proof glass, rear access panels, hidden wheels, flow-through ventilation, and meticulously thought-out cord-management systems—result from our ongoing dedication to beautifully functional design.

TV Mounting

Professional TV Wall Mounting

Speaker Systems

Surround Sound Systems


Home Theatre Furniture

Custom Home Theatre Installations

When it’s time to relax, who needs to dress up and head out to dinner and a movie when you can lay back and have your own movie in true high definition from the comfort of your own home.

Whether it’s a large completely self-contained theatre with custom seating and a 120 ” screen or a 55″ flat screen tv with a smaller surround sound, we do it all, we will work with you and your budget to leave you with a comfortable, user-friendly system.