Paul and Karen Jones of Vacuum Works Plus

Our Personal Guarantee

"Whether you're stopping by for a repair, a smart home installation, or a new vacuum, we value your business and guarantee your satisfaction. We take great care to ensure that you leave as a happy customer, knowing that we have provided excellent service."

Getting to know
Paul and Karen Jones

Paul moved from New Zealand to Ladner in 1982. After briefly leaving his hometown, he returned with his wife Karen. Together with their three daughters, they are actively involved in and love the community of Ladner.

Paul has been in the smart home business for over 25 years and is a licensed electrician and self-taught mechanic. Since 2005, Karen and Paul have owned and run Ultimate Custom Installs. In early 2019, they took over ownership of Vacuum Works and felt that the blending of the two companies was the way to go. Thus, Vacuum Works Plus was born, with the addition of “plus” cleverly representing the smart home installation aspect of their business.

Karen was an early childhood educator with over 20 years of experience, 10 of which were in Ladner. Today she partners with Paul to run the store and has become an expert in all things vacuums.

“Our values are really quite simple. We enjoy helping customers with a friendly and positive outlook. We listen to all of our customers’ needs with a focus on detail, reliable, and guaranteed quality work.”